Hillsboro Contractors for Roofing, Siding & Window Installation

Lada Exteriors is the leading exterior remodeling contractor in Hillsboro, Oregon. Leveraging over 20 years of experience, our professional Hillsboro contractors pool their expertise to deliver the satisfactory results you deserve. Over the past 20 years, we have helped hundreds (if not thousands of clients). Our dedication to the Washington County area has led us to become one of the regions most preferred residential and commercial exterior remodeling companies. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Commercial Siding Replacement by Lada Exteriors

Commercial Siding Replacement by Lada Exteriors

No job is too big – that’s our motto, which enables us to provide you with a larger suite of services for:

1. Windows
2. Siding
3. Soffits and Fascia
4. Insulation
5. Exterior Painting
6. Gutters
7. Residential Roofs
8. Commercial Roofing

Siding Replacement in Hillsboro at the Best Price
We all know that when your home or business needs repaired, service providers are what we look for. But if you want the premier company that combines high-quality workmanship for siding and roofs, the right choice in Hillsboro is Lada Exteriors. Whether you’re looking for cement siding or need new windows installed, Lada Exteriors is the best company in town. From modest residential properties to elite commercial buildings, our siding replacement services are preferred by all.

Proper double flashing on top of the window and cedar trim with 1/4 inch gap.

Window Replacement Services That You Can Count On
Energy efficient, sustainable, customized, and stylish – these are the window options you get when you call Lada Exteriors. Whether you want to give your home better form and function with new Milgard Windows, or need to replace all the windows at your commercial building, our installers can handle the job. And with our factory-trained window installers, you don’t have to worry about any safety issues during the process. So contact us today for window replacement services in Hillsboro that you can trust.

Properly Working Gutters are a Necessity
When the rain comes, gutters overflow. And if you’re not paying attention to those gutters by the time winter comes, you might find the gutters clogged – leading to your building’s foundation retaining moisture, cracking and weakening. Don’t let your home’s foundation deteriorate, call us and we will install high-quality gutters that will last the lifetime of your home. So why wait? Give us a call or email today, we will assess your situation and install a new gutter system that prevents water from flowing where it shouldn’t be.

Soffits and Fascia Installation to Prevent Water Damage
Lada Exteriors new soffits and fascia installation will ensure that no pests or water damage the exterior of your home. Our expert contractors only work with high-quality materials, this will give your home a new look that has both style and substance. Our smooth soffits and fascia installation services are fit for homes of all sizes. Reach out to us any time, and let us deliver nothing short of perfect services.

Get your Home Painted by Reliable Insured Professionals
If you want to give your home a new look, you must choose professional painters who know what they are doing. Painting your house is the easiest way to improve your home’s value while bringing the exterior up to date. The expert painting crew at Lada Exteriors ensures that with every wave of their paintbrush, across every edge, every surface, and every corner to give it a new look that won’t only enhance its appeal but protect it from moisture damage for years to come.

Get a Quote for Free
Looking for home improvement without breaking the bank? Contact Lada Exteriors today. By combining quality workmanship with years worth of experience, high-quality materials and dedication to your needs, Lada Exteriors has first hand knowledge on how to get the job done right, and right the first time! Just send us your requirements by using the contact form here on our website, we’ll get back to you shortly with an estimate for your project.

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