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Exterior Painting Services for Commercial Buildings & Residential Homes

Painting a surface doesn’t just boost its aesthetic value. Doing it also adds a protective layer that prolongs the surface’s lifespan and preserves its functionality. At Lada Exteriors, we take pride in helping clients from all walks of life fulfill their house painting needs — no matter how big or small the building. We only use the best equipment and products for our Portland painting services.

Our painting services include residential and commercial exterior painting, garages, barns, commercial storage and door painting. If you want to beautify your exterior before you sell a home, or you simply wish to spruce things up and cost-effectively change the ambiance in your property, we’re here to help you out. Give us a call today.

Portland’s Top-Rated Exterior Painting Company

Your home’s exterior is the first thing guests and passers-by see when they come across your property. More than boosting its aesthetic appeal, painting your exterior by enlisting professional painting services Portland offers a host of benefits. Such perks are best enjoyed if the exterior house painting process is diligently followed. At Lada Exteriors, our painting technicians will ensure that no step or phase is ever skipped.

Before the painting proper, we thoroughly prepare the surface by pressure-washing your home’s exterior. This helps remove all dirt and grime. If there’s any loose paint on your home’s siding, we also ensure to scrape it. We also sand them meticulously to make your exterior surfaces ideal for any painting material. Doing so will enhance the painting product’s adhesion to the surface. Before applying the primer, we path and repair any remaining areas. We then apply the primer to keep moisture at bay. We leave no cracks or corners unsealed.  After all this, we proceed with painting using the color of your choice.

By painting your home’s exterior, you can protect it from harsh weather elements — and safeguard your underlying financial investment in the process. By slowing the outside-to-inside decay process, you can enjoy a substantial return on investment in the long run.

You can access the best exterior paints in the market through Lada Exterior’s painting service. With these products, combined with our experience, you can keep your home as beautiful and functional as it can be. Request a free quote today!

Interior Painting (currently not one of our services)

As the leading exterior house painters in the Portland area, we offer reasonably priced home services to bring spaces to life. We view your home’s exterior as an architectural canvas that you can use to showcase your style and personality.

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Our Process Includes:

  • Pressure wash and removal of loose paint, mildew and surface dirt
  • Carefully masknig off existing windows, doors, brick, etc.
  • Apply two coats of paint of the entire house, including gutters, fascia boards and door trim. Color will be chosen by the homeowner.
  • Remove masking and clean up all debris
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