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At Lada Exteriors — a leading Milgard window replacement contractor — we recommend Milgard for your window installation and replacement needs in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tualatin, or Lake Oswego. One of the most respected names in the window industry, Milgard has designed the best window on the market to protect your home from various weather elements, heat gain, heat loss, and UV ray penetration.

Fiberglass Windows – Milgard Ultra Series

Vinyl Windows – Tuscany Series, Trinsic Series, Style Line Series

When you choose Milgard Windows installed by the contractors at Lada Exteriors, you’re bringing more than 50 years of window-making excellence to your home. Whether you’re building your new home, condominium complex, or renovating an existing home, this prominent window manufacturer will give you the best product for your space.

Milgard Windows, named the sixth-largest replacement window manufacturer in the USA and come with an industry leading warranty. They are also recognized by industry experts, being a nine-time awardee of the Best Quality Vinyl in the country and a five-time recipient of the Most Used Vinyl Window. BUILDER Magazine, an esteemed industry publication, also honored Milgard with the Builders Choice award in the vinyl and fiberglass windows category. In 2020, they were also the top online rated window and patio door brand, according to MetrixLab.

First established in Tacoma, Washington in 1958, they offer a beautiful selection of windows that vary in material and operating style. And while their home state is some 700 miles away from Oregon, they are committed to bringing their brand of energy-efficient windows to homeowners on this side of the US at a competitive price. For the past half-a-century, they were able to rise and stay on top of their game, supplying the best windows no matter where you are in the country.

Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Old Windows:

  • Improve energy efficiency by 10-25%.
  • Reduce noise transmission from outside of your home.
  • Improve security.
  • Improve the curb appearance of your home with new windows and several trim styles.
  • Reduce sun fade on upholstered fabrics, carpet and drapes.

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Old window.
Proper double flashing on top of the window and cedar trim with 1/4 inch gap.
Gap in between window and cedar trim to allow 1/4 "Backer Rod" for better sealant adhesion.
5/4 x 3 pre-primed cedar trim is applied on top of the window fin. Cutting window fin is not recommended.
New window, 5/4 x 3 cedar trim & 1/4 "Backer Rod" is installed and now ready for sealant to be applied on the perimeter of new window.
New window is installed and ready for paint to be applied on the trim.

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Do Milgard Windows Come with a Warranty?

You can also rest assured that the best warranties in the industry back their products. Standing by their windows, unlike many of their competitors, they offer a full lifetime warranty for material and labor. This will give you peace of mind throughout the years of having Milgard as your brand for your window system. It’s also transferable for up to a decade. This means that if you decide to sell your home within ten years, the warranty that you have can be easily transferred to the new owner of your property.

But while they have this kind of safety net, you can be confident in the fact that Milgard upholds a high standard for product quality. Thanks to Milgard Windows & Doors’ vertical integration, the premier company can safeguard the quality of its products throughout the manufacturing process.

All these perks lead to Oregon’s clear choice of having Milgard as their favorite window brand.

Backed by over five decades of experience, Milgard boasts not just longevity but more importantly, consistency in the kind of top-notch products that they provide. This prompts and inspires us at Lada Exteriors to make sure that every Milgard product we install is installed properly and at reasonable rates.

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Living in Portland-Metro Area? If you need prompt and reliable Milgard window installation and replacement services, Lada Exteriors is the name you can trust. Are you looking for the most reputable Milgard window contractor in Portland? Give us a call at 503-860-6660 or email us through our website, we’d be have to give you a quote for your window replacement needs.

Lada Exteriors is home to experienced and comprehensively trained installation technicians who can provide both technical expertise and sound, customer centric advice on all things related to the Milgard family of products.

As a recommended Milgard window installer for Portland, we are here to guide you every step of the way. From selecting the most suitable product for your home — functionality- and aesthetics-wise — to ensuring their proper installation, you’re guaranteed to receive stress-free service.

As we offer a full range of Milgard window and door choices, we can equip your home with the exact products you need to make your home as comfortable and secure as it can be — and make the most of it for the many years to come.

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