Siding, Windows, Roofs, Earthquake/Seismic Retrofit & Restoration in Tigard Oregon

For more than a decade, Lada Exteriors has helped property owners around the Tigard area improve and keep up with the maintenance on their homes, office buildings or rental properties. Our dedicated team of expert contractors with their high-quality tools and utmost regard for professionalism have set themselves apart from the rest. By shielding residential and commercial buildings from rain and moisture with the best products on the market, Lada Exteriors is here to serve the community.

Our 5-Step Siding Repair Process

1. Accessing the Damage
2. Creating the best siding repair solutions
3. Doing a targeted repair
4. Sealing the exterior
5. Painting to match the color

Lada Exteriors focuses on constantly learning about the industries latest requirements to deliver the best home solutions possible. We assess the damage from all angles before suggesting the best siding repair, new roof, or window replacement solutions. We then combine our expertise with high-quality materials to start targeted repairs. After we have repaired the targeted region, we move on to sealing the exterior. Once we achieve the water-tightness needed to fend off any moisture damage, we move on to painting the area to match the color. We assure you after we are done repairing your property, your home, building or office will look as good as new. Want to get ahead of any possible water damage? Contact Lada Exteriors today.

Commercial Siding Replacement by Lada Exteriors

Commercial Siding Replacement by Lada Exteriors

Top-Rated Siding Repairs and Replacement in Tigard Oregon

It takes work to take care of your home. Weathers deteriorate, Oregon rain is relentless, and if you’re not ready, you might end up dealing with major water damage that you didn’t see coming. Therefore, it’s better to take the “nip it in the bud” approach and reach out to a home contractor ahead of time. No one wants to be needing a contractor in the 11th hour. Our recommendation is this – if you have a concern about your siding, windows or roof leaking, give us call today so that we can provide you with the best estimate to get ahead of the problem.

How To Know That it’s Time for Siding Repairs
Water damage is sometimes insidious. It hides, spreads, and infects a structure; you only see the visible damage when it is too late. Thankfully, Lada Exteriors will always be with you to resolve any and all issues that you might have dealing with; then, call us for a free consultation by giving us some information about your problems.

What to Watch Out for with Siding on Your Home or Business:

1. Missing, crumbly, and failing caulking
2. Siding and trim have dry rot
3. Siding pieces are cracked or folded
4. Fungi molds on trim or sidings
5. You see an overgrowth of plants and shrubs
6. Critter damage, termites or woodpecker holes

Proper double flashing on top of the window and cedar trim with 1/4 inch gap.

Why Choose Lada Exteriors?
Here are the reasons you should choose us… Since 1996 we have never had a complaint about our services registered or non-registered. How many companies can say that? We focus on quality and our home services are cost-effective. With the team at Lada Exteriors the best siding repair, roofers and window replacement services in Tigard are within your reach. Contact us, and tell us your issues. We will assess the situation and devise a solution that doesn’t put too much pressure on your wallet. Don’t expect any surprise costs when we are the ones helping you do repairs. Contact us to get an honest assessment of your siding damage, new windows or roof replacement, and get the best repairs money can buy, without breaking the bank.

Our Reputation as the Tigard’s Best Contractors is Unparalleled
For over a decade we have been among the top 10 Tigard siding replacement and roofing service providers. As the best local contractors our focus is solely on your requirements and getting the job done right, the first time. So, if you’re looking for long-lasting siding repairs, a durable roof and window replacement services near you, don’t be afraid to reach out to the team Lada Exteriors. We proudly say that we are the #11 siding repairs, roofers and window replacement company in Tigard, Oregon. We have the experience, the history, the 5-star reviews, and the experts to back it up.

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